Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods is a full-service hardwood lumber manufacturing company specializing in Appalachian species. With a hardwood sawmill and drying facilities, we control the quality of our products from the moment the log arrives at our mill to the time product is shipped to our customers.

Log Yard

Logs are delivered to our sawmill, where they are measured, graded and sorted by species. Logs pass through a Nicholson ring debarker and metal detector in order to remove bark and excess dirt before milling.


Logs are transferred onto our Salem linear positioning carriage with Cleereman trucks where they are scanned using USNR G3 stereo scanner before being cut at the headrig by our 7ft Comact double-cut band mill.

Lumber from the headrig goes to our Sherman optimized edger, which is equipped with a Nelson Brothers optimizing system. Cants are sent from the headrig to a West Plains thin-kerf horizontal resaw or a Sherman thin-kerf top-arbor gang saw. Then, all lumber goes through a custom-built, double-end trim system.

Next, lumber passes over a grading station where it is graded by one of our five NHLA-certified inspectors. It is sorted and packaged based on grade, length and thickness. Finally, it is staged for direct shipment or transferred to our dry kiln facility.

Dry Kilns

To ensure flat, bright lumber, we take special care to protect all lumber throughout the drying process. After a period of air drying in one of our covered sheds or on our drying yard, lumber is then transferred to one of our eight computerized dry kilns.

Once dried, our lumber is re-graded by a team of NHLA-certified inspectors before it passes through another double-end trim and is finally sorted. From this point, we offer a number of remanufacturing services including straight-line ripping and custom surfacing.


Once manufacturing is complete, lumber is then transferred to our shipping department where it is packaged to customer specification, which can include but is not limited to half-packs, double banding, custom painting and stenciling.

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