When it comes to products and services, our goal is simple – to consistently supply the highest-quality Appalachian hardwoods to our customers. To achieve this goal, Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods offers an array of customized services including timber harvesting, custom sorting, custom export preparation for logs and lumber products, custom milling and custom sawing. We are committed to providing what our customers need when they need it. Please contact our experienced staff to assist you with product sourcing or timber harvesting needs.

Custom Sorting

Consider our custom sorting program to increase yield and decrease waste. Custom sorting is ideal for customers who need specific customized grades, widths, lengnth and colors. Custom sorting is available in all grades and species. Contact a member of our Sales Team to learn more about custom sorting for your next order.

  • Custom Proprietary Grades
  • Width Sorts
  • Length Sorts
  • Color Sorts

Shipping & Export Preparation

We ship quality products to ports around the world. Our shipping department works directly with customers to ensure that products are packaged and prepared to exact specification. Our team then works to see that lumber is transported efficiently, for the best value. Our shipping department offers many services including:

  • Export Preparation
  • Custom Stenciling
  • Custom Painting
  • Container Loading
  • Mixed Containers
  • Flat Bed Shipping
  • Freight Forwarding Coordination

Custom Milling

We surface (S2S – Surfaced 2 Sides) rough lumber to standard surface thicknesses or customer-specific thicknesses. S2S lumber has been kiln dried and surfaced on both the top and bottom to a standard surface thickness. We also offer hit or miss dressing and straight line ripping to any specific width.

Custom Sawing

We specialize in a variety of sawing techniques including quarter sawing, rift sawing and live sawing. Contact our experienced staff to learn more about custom sawing for your next order.

Timber Harvesting

Our procurement team not only purchases logs, but also standing timber and timberlands. One of our professionally-trained foresters works directly with each land owner to assess timberland values and create a harvesting strategy. Our harvest strategies are tailor-made for each landowner and his or her management goals. All Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods’ logging contractors carry worker’s compensation insurance. Please contact a member of our Procurement Team to learn more about selling your timber.