Stewardship is an intrinsic value at Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods that begins with forest management, continues through the manufacturing process and culminates in our waste management strategies. Our goal is to be stewards of the natural resources provided in our local area for present and future generations.

Sustainability Initiatives

Forest Management

Sustainably managed forestland yields the high-quality timber products necessary to manufacture high-quality lumber. We are committed to the following:

  • Limiting our impact on the land though promotion of natural hardwood regeneration, conservation of air, soil, and water quality, protection of biological diversity and wildlife habitat, recreation, aesthetics, identification and protection of sensitive/special sites, sustainable forest management education and outreach, and application of Best Management Practices that are prescribed in the states we harvest.
  • Providing economic value to land owners. We understand that harvesting timber may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for some and treat this decision with great respect. We provide competitive pricing on timber and timberlands.
  • Adhering to applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations associated with harvesting and chain of custody.


Efficient manufacturing increases product yield while reducing energy consumption and raw material waste. We are committed to the following:  

  • Maximizing yield from our raw materials.  Our operation ensures efficient use of all forest resources – With thin-kerf saw technology, lumber and log optimization and markets for our biomass production, we are proud to say that our process yields virtually no waste.
  • Improving energy efficiency. We continue to improve our efficiency by participating in programs like ENERNOC (TVA Energy Demand Response program), installing variable frequency drive motors in dry kilns, investing in boiler efficiency technologies and using our own biomass to generate steam for our dry kilns.